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Aim Lab is the aim trainer of choice for over 15 Million players, from beginners to esports pros. Our unique aim analysis optimizes your gameplay, targets your weaknesses & builds key skills for any FPS/TPS game, all for free! Time to warm up with our unlimited scenarios & rank up in-game!

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What is Aim Lab CD KEY?

It's a digital key that allows you to download Aim Lab directly to PC from the official Platforms.

How can I find the best prices for Aim Lab CD KEYS?

Games2See compares the cheapest prices of Aim Lab on the digital downloads market to find the best sales and discount codes on trusted stores.

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What is Aim Lab and what is about ?

Aim Lab

About Aim Lab game

Aim Lab has been developed to make anyone's aim crispy, whether you’re a brand new PC player or a pro. Build your flicking, tracking, speed, perception, and cognition skills with our detailed aim analytics. Train in custom tasks, create your own training playlists & improve your biases based on feedback you receive after every round. Aim Lab is constantly being updated as we perfect how players can best improve, so our Discord is a great place to talk with our devs and get updates first.

Aim Analysis

Your personal Aim Lab profile breaks down your performance and skills into detailed feedback to help you measure your progress and improvements over time. After each task, you get direct feedback of that run, with visual insights and pointers to help you identify your weaknesses - and eliminate them. We're more than just an FPS aim trainer.

Create unlimited tasks & scenarios in the Creator Studio

If you can dream it, you can build it. Our newly launched Creator Studio Beta lets you create custom maps with insane exterior terrains, hundreds of items and an array of different bots and behaviors with custom pathing. Anything is possible with an infinite amount of scenarios, can’t find a specific task? You can easily build it or search our Workshop to see if it’s been created. We already have popular game maps like Haven, Gulag & Dust II recreated with more to come soon.

Game Sensitivity Converter

Select from over 500+ FPS/TPS games to make sure you match your game sensitivity inside of Aim Lab. Want to change the game but keep the same sensitivity? Just select another game from the list and it will automatically convert.

Here is a quick overview of some games that are available:
• Apex Legends • Diabotical • PUBG
• Battlefield Series • Escape from Tarkov • Quake
• Call of Duty Series • Fortnite • Rainbow 6 Siege
• CS:GO • Minecraft • Rust
• Destiny 2 • Overwatch • VALORANT

You can customize every detail of your training! Change your crosshair settings to match your in-game crosshair, target colors, your training ground and more! Or jump straight into the Creator Studio and let your imagination run wild!

Controller Support

Aim Lab supports controllers with built in customization settings. We’re also planning on releasing onto consoles in the future, so watch this space!

Weapon Choices

Got a weapon you own with? We have a variety of weapons to choose from in our loadouts including pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, snipers & more.

Custom Recoil Patterns

We all know that controlling recoil is half the battle in some games. Our custom recoil patterns let you modify weapons to keep you practicing as close to the game as possible. Backwards sevens all the way!

“Aim Lab made me not suck at Valorant.”

- Someone in Discord

“I just love playing Aim Lab. My Wingman shots have definitely improved."

- Lululuvely

“Aim Lab removed my left-side weakness”

- King George

“Why go to the gym when you have Aim Lab?”

- Aceu

“Aim Lab made me get a girlfriend"

- Someone on Twitter

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