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Sands of Salzaar
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Bringing you to an exotic desert where you’ll recruit, train, and guide your troops into battle against rival cities and factions. Embark on an adventure that’s uniquely yours; Customizable characters, professions, and factions. The land is filled with a variety of hidden secrets.



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2021-03-07 12:47:18

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What is Sands of Salzaar and what is about ?

Sands of Salzaar

About Sands of Salzaar game

The English Localization Update is Available Now!

We are happy to announce that the English language edition is finally here, along with a slew of new storylines and multiplayer mod support!
Enjoy your English gameplay and join us in our Discord channel to share your gaming moments: https://discord.gg/xdindie

Background Story

This is a fantastical tale of an exotic land. The Old Empire which once ruled the desert has fallen, leaving various tribes to fight for control of their world. Little do they know of the seeds of darkness which grow in the shadows with each passing day...

Game Features

  • Epic War & Strategy:
    Recruit and train your soldiers for both large-scale battles and skirmishes. Customize your hero’s skills to become a martial arts master, powerful archmage, and more. Manage your resources, ally with different factions, and command your troops in real-time to win.
  • Explore a Dynamic Open World:
    Roam across a giant map to encounter various characters, take on quests, explore dungeons for loot, and uncover tons of secrets behind this sprawling desert...
  • A New Adventure Every Time You Play:
    With each playthrough, you become stronger and discover different questlines, using Legacy points to unlock bonus characters, abilities, and rare items.
  • Full Modding Support:
    Shape your own desert adventure with a full set of mod development tools. Discover hundreds of STEAM mods already available featuring large-scale campaigns, multiplayer maps, characters, perks, and more!
If you encounter any in-game issues, please report to us on Discord: https://discord.gg/xdindie or contact us by email (indie

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